The Change Up Group is founded by Kara M. Steffen. Kara entered the nonprofit sector nearly a decade ago, ultimately serving as the Director of Development Operations for the Los Angeles LGBT Center, a national organization with a $100M+ annual operating budget. In this role she managed a plurality of fundraising operations, and a 23-person development team, emphasizing revenue generation, team development, data management and department-wide budgeting. Kara's direct reports raised roughly $10 million in revenue each year, earned through annual giving, corporate philanthropy, and special events. She also managed the operations for the Center's $50M Capital Campaign.


Kara served on a multitude of  interdepartmental committees tasked with defining strategic priorities for the Center at large, honing her ability for big thinking, consensus building, and strategic implementation. These committees have included the Center Management Group, a large upper-management body; the Sustainability Committee, tasked with ensuring operational longevity and competitiveness of the Center; the Human Resources Committee, focusing on recruitment, hiring, on-boarding and retention; and an Internal Technology Committee, pursuing efficiency, knowledge sharing and culture at the Center.


With The Change Up Group, Kara is applying her talents for strategic planning to support and guide non-profit teams to focus on the delicate balance of mission centric messaging, fundraising objectives, and the operational efficiency that belies success.

Kara completed a Master’s degree in History at San Francisco State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in History from California State University, Northridge. When she is not guiding her clients toward greater success, she can usually be found fishing or watching the Chicago Cubs with her partner and two sons.  



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