Our Mission Is To Help You Fulfill Your Mission.

The Change Up Group is an all-around solutions based organization tailored to the unique needs of non-profit and small business operations. We believe that keen strategy and proper systems allow organizations to thrive without the difficulty and strain of going 100 miles per hour, just like a change-up pitch in baseball, whereby the pitcher succeeds by throwing slower than expected.


 We know that every dime spent on infrastructure reduces what is available to reach your organization's goals. The proper systems and support can help you get the most from your investments of time and money. 




Achieve Your Goals

At The Change Up Group we are committed to assessing and addressing the unique needs of your non-profit or small business, using our expertise in Fundraising, Sales Generation, Finance, Database Administration, Prospect Research and Data Analytics.

We seek to understand your passions, your challenges, and the barriers that keep you from meeting your goals

so we can help you do more. 


Identify Your Solutions

Based on our introductory consultation, The Change Up Group will develop a series of recommendations to better your operations and help you achieve your goals.

Our recommendations are paired with detailed implementation plans, calendars, and articulated roles and responsibilities to ensure that our collaboration is successful.


Stay on Track

At The Change Up Group we hold ourselves to the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness. We offer our partner organizations detailed analysis against agreed upon metrics. This level of scrutiny builds transparency and adaptability. Above all, our ongoing analysis ensures that we remain  effective and responsible stewards of our partners' investments.


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